Have we seen your cat lately?

Have we seen your cat lately?

Have we seen your cat lately?

Despite the fact that in the last five years the number of pet cats has increased to more than 4 million, the number of feline veterinarian visits is declining. Compared with dogs, nearly three times as many cats did not receive any veterinary care in the past year. This disturbing trend is leading many veterinary professionals to ask pet owners, “Have we seen your cat lately?”

At Hobart Animal Hospital, we understand that bringing your cat to the veterinary clinic can sometimes be challenging, but it’s worth it.

  • Australia has a pet cat population of 3.8 million
  • 29% of households own a cat
  • 35% of pet cats have not visited the vet in the past 12 months (over 1.35 million cats!)

Source: Animal Medicines Australia Pet Ownership in Australia Report 2016

Some questions that veterinary professionals are frequently asked about cats…

Q: My cat is strictly an indoor cat so I do not see why he needs any shots.

A: Indoor cats are still at risk for a wide variety of diseases. You can never be 100% certain your indoor kitty will not ever get outside or the new cat you adopted is not harbouring a disease that can be transmitted to other cats. While indoor cats may be exposed to fewer diseases than outdoor cats, indoor cats may be exposed to many disease pathogens. We recommend vaccinations and parasite control measures for all cats regardless of where they spend their time. Prevention is always better and less expensive than treatment.

Q: I have heard that cats are naturally very healthy and do not need to go to the veterinarian as often as dogs do. Is this right?

A: Cats are no more or less healthy than dogs and require annual wellness exams just as much as dogs do. Cats are notorious for hiding illness, and cat owners may not be aware their cats are sick until the illness has become critical and requires longer and more extensive treatment.

If you see any of these subtle signs of sickness in your cat, it is time to visit your veterinarian.

  • Inappropriate elimination behaviour or litter tray use
  • Changes in interaction
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Signs of stress
  • Changes in food and water consumption
  • Bad breath
  • Changes to grooming
  • A decrease or increase in activity

Give your cat the best chance of a healthy, happy life. Schedule a veterinary visit for your cat today.

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Have we seen your cat lately?