Surgery and Hospitalisation

Surgery and Hospitalisation


We have a very well equipped hospital, where our skilled Veterinarians perform anything from basic stitch-ups to complicated orthopaedic reconstructions.  All patients are treated very gently and with reassurance to reduce stress.   

All anaesthesias are fully monitored by our well trained vets.  All patients receive intraveneous fluids which help your pet’s liver and kidneys to flush out anaesthetic drugs and maintain better blood pressure during surgery.  This results in a safe anaesthetic and faster recovery.

Your pet will be given clean, comfortable, dry bedding and heat pads when needed.  After surgery your pets will be monitored in the recovery area and pain relief will be administered.  Staff will provide cuddles and pats regularly during the day and offer a range of foods for your pet to choose from. 

Prior to surgery you will be advised how to prepare your pet for their surgery and when to withhold food and water. 

When your pet is discharged you will be provided with instructions on how to care for your pet.

Do you need more information?

We are open six days a week for consultation by appointment.  Please call our friendly staff to schedule your appointment. There is car parking with easy access to the hospital, however, if you do need assistance with getting into the hospital, please let us know. For Emergency after hours care – Contact AHVEC on 1300 302 912