Travelling and Holidaying With Your Pets

Travelling and Holidaying With Your Pets


Fit to fly certificates There are strict guidelines regarding the transportation of animals by air.  They are designed to ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably. Your pet should be fit and healthy and able to cope with being confined for an extended period.  An airport is an unfamiliar and noisy environment that can cause animals to become stressed and agitated. In some instances you will be required to provide a certificate from your Veterinarian that confirms your pet is fit to travel by air.  Please check with your airline or transport provider if you are required to provide a certificate. If you are travelling in summer, avoid flights during the middle of the day, and in winter avoid early or late flights in the cooler parts of the day.  Please contact us to make a consultation to discuss any concerns you may have regarding travel.

Hydatids Hydatid disease, also known as hydatidosis or echinococcosis, is a parasitic infection of various animals, which can infect humans. The disease is caused by a small tapeworm living in dogs, dingoes and foxes.  In February 1996, Tasmania was declared provisionally free of hydatid disease in dogs and sheep.

Dogs entering Tasmania are required to be treated for hydatid tapeworms. Dogs are allowed entry to Tasmania if accompanied by a veterinary certificate or a Statutory Declaration of treatment within the previous 14 days with the drug praziquantel or evidence of treatment, such as the pill packet. This is a common, harmless and highly effective treatment against tapeworms, if given at the right dose rate and it is found in many types of ‘all wormer’ tablets for dogs. If you require advice of suitable treatments, please call the Hospital.

Anxious Pets and Parents Unfortunately, we are unable to treat pet parent’s anxiety, but we can help with your pet’s anxiety when you are travelling.

Desensitisation for car travel If your pet finds travelling in the car stressful or gets motion sick, discuss this at your next consultation as we have several treatment options available we can tailor to your pet’s individual needs.

Vaccination certificates Don’t forget to check that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date prior to heading off to the boarding facility.  There may be a lapse in the protection provided by the vaccination if the vaccination is overdue and the boarding facility may require an exclusion time after your pet’s vaccination and prior to arrival, so don’t leave making the appointment until the last minute.

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