Repeat Medication

Repeat Medication

If your pet is on a long term medication and you need a repeat prescription please call us to arrange a new prescription.  Please give 24 hours’ notice to allow us to prepare repeat prescriptions and advise us of the name and strength of the medication you  require. 

By law, a pet must be examined at least every 6 months if on regular long term medication and your Veterinarian may request a consultation before dispensing any more medication.  This is in your pet’s best interest as any illness, chronic or acute, should be monitored regularly for any changes.

The Veterinarian may decide to change your pet’s dosage or medication after examination.

Do you need more information?

We are open six days a week for consultation by appointment.  Please call our friendly staff to schedule your appointment. There is car parking with easy access to the hospital, however, if you do need assistance with getting into the hospital, please let us know. For Emergency after hours care – Contact AHVEC on 1300 302 912